Selling & Transferring Ownership

While we hope that you enjoy your original art by Miriam McClung for a lifetime, we understand that you may want to sell or pass on the art to another party. It is everyone’s best interest to maintain detailed exhibitions, shows, sales and ownership records of the piece, otherwise known as a work’s “provenance“. Documentation of a work’s history not only establishes its authenticity but increases the value of the work for future generations of collectors. As the artist and manager of Miriam McClung’s work we are the authority on the work’s provenance.

Beginning in 2017, Miriam McClung began including a Certificate of Authenticity for all original purchased works (not reproductions) as well as establishing a Catalogue Raisonné. Each purchased work comes with a sales contract, the Artist Reserved Right Transfer and Sale Agreement, which covers transferring ownership and sales.

Note: Official reproductions of Miriam McClung’s do not come with a Certificate of Authenticity nor do they require any of the following steps when selling or transferring reproduction ownership.

Steps to Sell or Transfer Ownership

  1. If the work did not come with an Artist Reserved Right Transfer and Sale Agreement, download and print out a copy of the Artist Reserve Right and Transfer Agreement
  2.  Fill in the document and have both you and the next owner sign it.
  3. Give one copy to the new owner. Keep one copy for yourself. Mail one copy to us (23 Point Road, Crossville TN 38571), and keep a copy with the artwork itself for future owners.
  4. Provide the new owner of the work with the Certificate of Authenticity. If you don’t have one, please contact us.

Artwork Appraisals

We can appraise the work remotely through email and photographs and provide an estimate of what we think the work is worth based on the condition of the work, the subject, when it was created, where it fits in Miriam’s body of work, etc. This will help you determine its potential resale and insurance value should the piece ever be resold, lost, or damaged. You can also have an independent appraiser come and evaluate the work.