Purchasing Artwork

March 11, 2024

We are currently cataloging and evaluating Miriam’s entire collection. Miriam’s work is temporarily not available for purchase. Contact us if you are interested in a piece, and we will notify you when the work is available. Thanks for your support!

~ Frank & Miriam

Buying Art


All original artwork is purchased directly by contacting us. We will provide a total price to include shipping and sales tax (if applicable). We do not discount or reduce pricing, but we absolutely will help you find a work within your project budget. All price quotes are valid for 30 days. We do not sell through galleries, but we are happy to work with interior designers, art consultants, and art advisors. We will send an invoice for the work you would like to purchase and a Artist’s Reserved Rights and Transfer Agreement. You can read more about the order process here

Sales Tax

Artwork purchased by collectors not in Tennessee and shipped via commercial carrier to an address outside Tennessee will not incur Tennessee sales tax. Tennessee state residents purchasing artwork and shipped within the state of Tennessee will incur a state sales tax of 9.75%.


We offer reproductions of some of Miriam’s works on our Etsy store for direct purchase. You can read more about how are our reproductions are made here.

Viewing Art

Online Viewing

You can view Miriam’s original artwork online on this website. If you would like to see a higher resolution image of the work, please contact us with the name of the piece, and we will send you a link to the high resolution image

Art reproductions are printed at the time of the order so we will not have images of the work in on a stretcher other than the examples in the store. 

When viewing these art images in a web browser, artwork is likely to appear more saturated and vivid than if you viewed them in person.

All artwork on the site is photographed with a Pentax K-1 35mm full frame SLR with a 50mm fixed lens to minimize distortion in a controlled lighting environment with 5500K daylight LEDs to render colors with optimal precision and accuracy. The image is then processed in Adobe Lightroom, adjusted and color corrected.

The image your device displays may not be accurate for several reasons:

  1. Your monitor or device isn’t professionally color calibrated.
  2. Your screen viewing conditions impact color accuracy (outside vs. inside, florescent vs. leds, etc.).
  3. Your browser displays inaccurate color.

To ensure that you have the most accurate display of the image:

  1. View the image with a color calibrated monitor.
  2. View the image indoors with the lights off in the room.
  3. View the image in Firefox with color management enabled.

If you are concerned with color accuracy of a work contact us or make an appointment to see the work in person.

Studio Viewing

You may make an appointment to see the original artwork in Crossville, Tennessee. We typically do not allow works to leave the studio without purchasing the work first.

Art reproductions are printed in another location and are not available for viewing prior to ordering.