Original Artwork Purchase Info

We know you will enjoy your original Miriam McClung artwork. We want to provide some additional information on the work that you need to know.

Artist Agreement

Beginning in 2017, Miriam McClung began including a Certificate of Authenticity for all original purchased works (not reproductions) as well as establishing a Catalogue Raisonné. Each purchased work comes with a sales contract, the Artist Reserved Right Transfer and Sale Agreement, which covers transferring ownership and sales: 


Artist reserves all rights to reproduce the Work. The purchaser may not alter or reproduce the work in any form, media or fashion without the consent of the artist.


Upon request, we will furnish the purchaser and his/her successors a written history and provenance of the work, based on our best information as to shows, exhibits and awards.


If you as the purchaser in any way whatsoever sells, gives, or trades the work, if it is inherited from the purchaser, or if a third party pays compensation for its destruction, the purchaser (or the representative of his estate) must within thirty (30) days: notify the us of the new owner of the work to include name, address and telephone number.


A notice, in the Transfer Agreement and Record, must accompany the work if transferred permanently to another individual or organization, warning that ownership, etc., is subject to this contract.

Transferees Bound

If anyone becomes the owner of the work with notice of this contract, that person shall be bound to all its terms as if he had signed this agreement when he acquired the work.


The transfer agreement binds the parties, their heirs, and all their successors in interest, and all purchaser’s obligations are attached to the work and go with ownership of the Work, all for the life of the artist and artist’s surviving son plus twenty-one (21) years.


Transferring a work to someone else? Print out the last page of the agreement, fill it out and pass it along to the next owner if you don’t have the original sales agreement.