"Day Nurse for My Grandmother" by Miriam McClung, 1962. Oil on masonite. 40" x 35".

Day Nurse for My Grandmother

The piece above, “Day Nurse for My Grandmother” was done in 1962 and is the second portrait of Mrs. Chuvis, who helped care for Miriam’s grandmother, sitting in front of the window with vases and flowers.

It’s one of our favorite early period pieces.

“Mrs. Chuvis was the day and evening nurse for my grandmother. My grandmother had a stroke and was immobile in bed. Mrs. Chuvis sat in the den a lot by the window and could hear if grandmother needed anything. She was part Native American and had Picasso like arms. What a treat to draw and paint her. There was little she could do for my grandmother.”

Some restoration and cleaning work is required on this work due to its age. This piece has remained in the artist’s personal collection but is now available to collectors. It is one of only a handful of Miriam’s early works available for purchase.

For more information on this piece, you can learn more here or contact us at art@miriammcclung.com.

– Frank McClung & Miriam McClung