The Miriam McClung Etsy Store for Giclee reporductions.
The Miriam McClung Etsy Store for Giclee reporductions.

Our Etsy shop is open!

We are excited to announce that the Miriam McClung Etsy Shop is now open! These are wonderful museum-quality Giclée reproductions of many of Miriam’s most popular original works can be purchased and shipped directly to your home or office.

Each reproduction is carefully stretched on a poly-cotton, matte finish canvas on a 1.5″ wood stretcher, and gallery wrapped with printed mirrored edges. There is a wood bar across the back of the larger prints to prevent warping. The reproduction is not framed, but with our gallery-wrapped mirrored edges, you can hang the work as is and it will look great without framing.

What people are saying about our Giclée reproductions

“Gorgeous! Perfect mid-century abstract piece for my NYC apartment. Hard to tell it’s a reproduction. This piece would look amazing in an even larger size; just wish I had wall space. Thanks for the fast shipping!”

“This print exceeded my expectations. It took a little while longer than the seller expected due to shipping times from the lab. However, the colors were unbelievable. This was a birthday present for my brother who is a physical therapist. He was speechless. It was WELL worth the wait. I will be ordering another print. I love so many of the pieces in her collection.”

“This made a great gift for a former co-worker. It is beautiful and would purchase from here again!”

Why did we open an Etsy Shop with reproductions?

We wanted to make Miriam’s work more accessible to a larger audience that loves her work but may not be in a financial position to collect an original. Or they may have missed out on purchasing the original but still want to hang the work in their home, office, or business.

Won’t reproductions hurt the value of my original Miriam McClung purchase?

When has popularity and increased demand ever hurt an artwork’s value? Never! There are tons of copies of Van Gough’s “Starry Night” on everything from paper to T-shirts. Does that hurt the value of the original? Not one bit! In fact, it increases the value of the original.

You can learn all about which of Miriam’s works are currently being reproduced and how to order them here in the Miriam McClung Etsy Shop >