Miriam’s Video Went Viral!

Sometimes good things do happen to those who wait. Miriam’s grandson, Noah, and his wife Kensley stopped by last weekend to make a video of Miriam’s art for Tik Tok. We had tried putting Miriam’s work on Tik Tok in the past but with little success. Well, Noah’s video went viral.

Miriam’s Tik Tok account (@artnainai – her grandchildren call her Nai Nai, the Mandarin word for grandmother on your father’s side) and one and only video received over 350K views, 60K likes, and over 2000 comments in just a few days. Most importantly, we were encouraged by the kind comments and insightful suggestions by many users. Thank you to everyone who liked, commented, and shared.

We are still trying to make sense of how to respond to each person and get more of Miriam’s work and story to the world. We wish every artist could experience this type of support for their work just once in their life.