Art Studio Summer 2020 Update

It’s been a long Spring and early Summer to say the least. Miriam has been painting quite a bit during COVID-19 isolation and we hope to share some of those works with you soon.

Daily living has been an adjustment as Miriam has to adjust to having groceries delivered, not driving much and dealing with some health issues. Friends and family have been very helpful during this period and we can’t thank them enough.

As you remember from our last update, we are not allowing studio visits to view art to try and minimize Miriam’s exposure. We are still selling and shipping artwork, but all viewing is online. We have opened up two new ways for you to enjoy Miriam’s work in the form of reproductions:

  1. An Etsy store for select reproductions on canvas (mainly oil paintings)
  2. A Saatchi store for select reproductions on paper (mainly pastel drawings)

Both of these options allow you to purchase some of Miriam’s work as a reproduction at a much lower cost than the original. These are museum quality reproductions shipped directly to your home or office. These are great options in lieu of being able to see and purchase an original in person at the studio. We’ll be adding reproductions to these stores throughout the summer so be sure to check back in August.

-Frank McClung
Artist Manager