The artwork getting ready to be packed. Grandson Peter helping.
The artwork getting ready to be packed. Grandson Peter helping.

Shipping Artwork Directly to Collectors

Despite the restrictions with COVID not being able to accommodate collectors in the Birmingham Studio, we continue to sell work collectors view on our website and ship it directly to their homes.

This lovely piece, “Boats and Pier at the Lake” by Miriam McClung, 24″ x 30″, oil on linen, 1968 was recently purchased by a collector in Williamsburg, Virginia as a gift for their spouse’s 50th birthday.

We thought you might like to know a little bit about how we ship unframed, stretched works on linen and canvas.

1. First, we carefully wrap painted side of canvas in brown paper to protect it from scratches during transit. No bubble wrap as we’ve heard stories over the years of the bubble wrap reacting with the paint and causing issues. Simple is better here.

2. Then we use 1″ thick 4′ x 8′ sheet of foam insulation board. We cut a square in the middle of the board the exact size of the artwork. Then we cut two insulation boards same size as the cutout to make a sandwich.

3. We then assemble the sandwich with art in the middle cut out layer. We tape the edges together with blue tape and the entire sandwich clear tape.

4. Add labels to the outside and wrap the whole thing with clear plastic.

Ready to mail!

This is the most lightweight, secure solution we’ve found for shipping framed art on stretchers. We don’t like all the foam waste, but hope that it can be reused on the collector’s side for future packing.

Please contact us if you see a work you like. We would love to sell, pack, and ship it to you!