Boy in the White Collar Shirt
"Boy in the White Collar Shirt by Miriam McClung, 1963. Oil on linen. Available. Contact us for details.

Portrait Painting with an American Legend

Renowned American artist Jerry Farnsworth painting in 1947 (Source Wikipedia)

Jerry Farnsworth (1895 – 1983) was one of the most renowned portrait and figure painters in America. In the 1930s, his commissions included covers for TIME magazine and are exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

He and his artist wife, Helen Sawyer, were also wonderful teachers and started the Farnsworth School of art in Massachusetts and later in Sarasota, Florida.

In 1963, Miriam was able to study with Mr. Farnsworth in Sarasota. This proved to be an influential experience and Miriam’s portraiture work blossomed. Had she not had so many other artistic interests, Miriam could have gone on to become a portrait artist in her own right after studying under Farnsworth.

Al Capp’s cottage where Miriam stayed while attending the Farnsworth School of Art.

While she was at the Farnsworth School, she rented L’il Abner’s creator cartoonist, Al Capp. summer cottage on the bay and recalls some of the best times of her life as an artist. Miriam’s mother and father visited her at the school to see the artwork and the beach.

Miriam and her mother talking in the cottage. Miriam’s work done at the Farnsworth School hangs on the cottage walls.

Over the decades, some of Miriam’s “Farnsworth Portraits” have been shown, sold, or lost. Fortunately, we do have some very nice Farnsworth Portraits available for your viewing and acquisition here:

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