Reflections: Summer Study at the University of Colorado with Mark Rothko

Hard to remember this far back, but it was the summer of my sophomore year at the University of Alabama. I went with a sorority sister, who was also a childhood friend. We took the train out to Colorado. It was a fun trip with lots of beautiful scenery. One boy on the train I do remember was from Kentucky and had the last name Beam of the famous Jim Beam whiskey family. We took many hikes and picnics in Colorado and vividly remember checking each others hair for tics. There were several girls I remember from the Mississippi Delta out there staying and the house too.

About Mark Rothko, I remember he would come around to each student, and stayed quite a long time talking. He was kind in his criticism and very helpful. I did an oil painting with a girl in red but after it went into the attic at my parent’s home it was lost. I did not know Rothko was a well known artist until returning to the University and hearing how impressed people were that I had studied under him at the University of Colorado for the summer course.