Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Contact us and let us know why you want to return the art.
  2. Pack the art back in the box with the original packaging materials.
  3. Ship it back to us. Make sure you get insurance for original works.

You can read more about the return process here

  • If you purchase the art through our online store, you must pay via the shopping cart payment method which is Paypal or any major credit card.
  • If you would like to pay by check, you can mail your check written out to Drawing on the Promises LLC to 23 Point Road, Crossville, TN 38571. Please include the name of the work you are purchasing. Once the check has cleared the bank your order will be shipped.

No, we do not frame artwork. That is the responsibility of the purchaser. Some of the art is already framed. You may remove the existing frame and have it reframed at your own cost. We are not responsible for damage done to the artwork during reframing or removal of the old frame.

We recommend a framing professional at a gallery that does framing do the work. We do not recommend big box store framing like Hobby Lobby. Take it to your local frame shop. 

Pastels require special framing techniques. You should inquire of the framer how they plan on framing a pastel and what experience they have doing so. Don’t use them if they don’t have experience framing pastels.

Please refer to this guidance on selling and ownership transfer of one of Miriam’s works.

We can appraise the work remotely through email and photographs and provide an estimate of what we think the work is worth based on the condition of the work, the subject, when it was created, where it fits in Miriam’s body of work, etc. This will help you determine its potential resale and insurance value should the piece ever be resold, lost, or damaged. You can also have an independent appraiser come and evaluate the work.

The short answer is no, you can’t do whatever you want with the work. If the work came with an Artist’s or Ownership Reserved Right and Transfer Agreement, there are restrictions as to what you can and can’t do with the work spelled out in the agreement.

Even if you have not signed or do not have a copy of the agreement, Miriam McClung’s work falls under general copyright laws of the United States for all artistic work. You can review copyright information here.