Section 1 - baseline

Section padding works fine here with Title widget and Text widget inside. I would like to have SK control of heading and size, p, margins/padding as well. 

Section top - Section bottom

Here is an example of where I want to build out a page with modular sections (rather than nested inner sections), the title and this text in one section top and the images in columns in another section.  Both sections have the same top and bottom margin making the space between them double. I could manually reduce the padding of the bottom section of the top section and the top padding of the bottom section, but then it won’t be very modular.

Solution - Inner sections?

The only solution I can think of (other than manually adjusting section padding in each instance) is nesting inner sections into the main section. Might there be a case made to control inner section padding globally through SK just like regular sections? I think this could be helpful. Note, for my SK columns, I’m using 0px top and bottom padding in SK. Maybe the top/bottom SK columns padding is where you want to control the inner section top/bottom padding? If so, then what about columns that are not in inner sections but they will get the top/bottom padding that you only want for inner sections.