Certificate of Authenticity

All purchased original works from Miriam McClung after 2017 will be accompanied by an Artist Reserved Right Transfer and Sale Agreement and a Certificate of Authenticity. Both documents are important for establishing and maintaining the provenance of a work. We do not issue Certificates of Authenticity for reproductions.

Our Certificates Are Unique

Our certificates come with a secure watermark that can’t be forged by a copier, printing press or computer. The paper is chemically tagged for identification and contains security measures embedded into the paper. 

Each certificate identifies the title of the work, dimensions, date, control number and a picture of the artwork. It is signed by the artist or authorized agent.

How to Obtain a Certificate

If you purchased an original work from Miriam McClung prior to 2017, you likely wouldn’t have received a Certificate of Authenticity. If you have a Miriam McClung work either by purchase or transfer and would like to get a Certificate of Authenticity, please email us at art@miriammcclung.com the following information:

  • Digital photos of the work. Please take several, outside, not in direct sunlight. Close ups of any signatures or markings on the back of the work as well.
  • Measure the work (height x width). We will need the framed size and the size of the work inside the frame.
  • Medium: Oil, pastel, charcoal, etc.
  • Substrate: paper, canvas, board, etc.
  • History of the work: How you came into possession of the work (when, from whom).
  • Your address and contact information.

If we determine that the work is an original Miriam McClung, we will send you a Certificate of Authenticity to accompany the work for free. We also recommend that you print out an Artist Reserved Right Transfer and Sale Agreement to accompany the work in the future.

Replacement Certificates of Authenticity can be requested at art@miriammccClung.com for $10 each.