Acquired Works

Sold: “Portrait of My Mother”

A beautiful reproduction of this work was sold to a collector in Birmingham, Alabama for their newly remodeled home. Check out all of our wonderful museum-quality Giclée reproductions. You’ll have a hard time your reproduction from an original! Visit our Etsy store here > See the original work here >

Sold: “Boats and Pier at the Lake”

This magical work of “Boats and Pier at the Lake” was sold to a very special collector family for their home in Williamsburg, Virginia. It depicts a summer scene at Lake Logan Martin, Pell City, AL at the artist’s family lake house called “Jackson Hole”. You can view full information on the work here > 

Sold: “Baker’s Dairy”

This wonderful giclee reproduction of Baker’s Dairy Farm in Birmingham, Alabama was sold to the grandson of the Baker Dairy. We were so delighted we were able to make this reproduction for the family. The original is available here >