Miriam's art studio—a brief history

Finding adequate studio space for an artist can be challenging, even if an artist owns their own home. For this reason, many artists choose to rent outside studio space. Miriam has been fortunate to have a dedicated art studio in her home for most of her career.

Miriam drawing and painting at Inlet Beach, Florida, 2018..

A permanent space to create art


In the early 1970’s, Miriam lived in an apartment complex in Birmingham off Montclair Road. When she moved into a home in the late 1970’s, the home came with a garage converted into a large family room with high ceilings and superb light. Initially the room doubled as a playroom for her son, Frank, though it later became a dedicated art studio and has remained so for forty years. And the studio itself has been the both the subject of and inspiration for many of Miriam’s works.

Then came the flood


Over the years, many have helped improve the studio storage and functionality. Several groups and individuals from Briarwood Church in Birmingham donated their time to upgrade and renovate the studio. In 2014 the studio significantly flooded after heavy spring rain with over a foot of water getting into the studio. Fortunately, most of the paintings were safely off the floor on stands, so there was very little water damage to the artwork except for a few drawings. Remediating the water damage and remodeling the studio took over a year of work, during which time all the work had to be moved into storage. Walls were removed and replaced, electrical brought up to code, new storage shelving created, and a complete inventory of Miriam’s work begun.

A studio reborn


Today the Birmingham art studio continues to serve as a working creative space and permanent, climate-controlled storage for all Miriam’s art. The surrounding back yard has also been an important part of the “out studio” environment providing plenty of opportunity for inspiration and plein air painting. If you would like to see Miriam’s studio and her work, please contact us for an appointment.