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Dive deep into Miriam's individual art to understand the story and context surrounding them.
Painting of a garden by the viaduct in Birmingham Alabama
Part 3: A Brief History of Birmingham, Alabama through Art – Viaducts

History of Birmingham through Miriam’s art series continued… Viaducts, or long bridges with a series of arches, are significant features in the Birmingham cityscape. Many times Viaducts are built to carry railroads. Birmingham’s viaducts cross over railroads that cut through the southern part of the city and carry iron and steel from the furnaces that

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Sketch of Sloss Furnace
Part 2: A Brief History of Birmingham through Art- Industry

In this series, we’re delving into Miriam’s art that portrays a significant slice of Birmingham, Alabama’s history—the city where Miriam dedicated most of her artistic career. [Read Part 1 here] Birmingham, Alabama, derived its name from Birmingham, England, a hub for iron and industry during the Industrial Revolution. The abundant iron ore in the Jones

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View of Inlet Beach Under Umbrella and Yellow Flag
The Art of the Beach in Florida and Alabama

Summer’s here and many of you are heading for the beach. In the Southeastern United States (especially those from Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee) lots of folks will be dipping their feet in the sand and surf along the pristine waters and beaches along Highway 30A of the Gulf Coast like Panama City, Destin, Rosemary,

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The Flowers of Spring – Paintings and Pastels

The flowers of spring have come and mostly gone. Summer is almost upon us here in Tennessee. For the last few weeks on Miriam’s Instagram and Facebook accounts, we’ve been featuring a sample of her works with flowers. Many of her works with flowers are not just about the flowers themselves, but also tell a story.

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Gilchrist Drugstore by Miriam McClung
Gilchrist Drugstore Watercolor

We are taking a break this week from a mini-retrospective of Miriam’s early work and looking at some of her work centering on Birmingham and surrounding areas. The piece below depicts Gilchrist Drugstore, a landmark in Mountain Brook Village just a mile from where Miriam grew up. The drugstore with a soda fountain and now

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The Blue Lady by Miriam McClung
The Blue Lady

The piece above, “The Blue Lady” was done in 1962. Although it is a portrait of a model, the face of the model does bear a resemblance to the artist herself. This is one of Miriam’s most striking works from this early period when she was experimenting with bold style and a limited color palette.

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Self Portrait by Miriam McClung
Miriam’s First Works

It’s not often that an artist’s first substantial work is preserved for over 70 years. When you are a young artist, you don’t know if art will become a career, hobby, or fad in one’s life. We are fortunate to still have in Miriam’s collection two of her earliest works. One is a self-portrait (her

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Woman Reading a Bible by Miriam McClung
Woman Reading a Bible

As an undergraduate at the University of Alabama in the 1950s, Miriam attended a Sunday School Class which met at Bryce Hospital for the mentally ill. This work, “Woman Reading a Bible” was done from scene of a resident at the hospital. You can see on the left side of the work the colors and

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