Art In-Depth

Dive deep into Miriam's individual art to understand the story and context surrounding them.
"Each to His Own City" by Miriam McClung, 1997. Pastel on board. 47" x 35".
Part 1: Each to His Own and Birmingham

This is one of three in a series about the story of Christ’s birth–all pastel in blue with words on the works. “I was influenced by a show at the Birmingham Museum. The work of William Dunlap with all the letters and words mixed into a Civil War work made a real impression.” What makes

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"Railroad and Train in Irondale, Alabama" by Miriam McClung, c. 1990. Pastel on paper.
Irondale, Alabama and Miriam’s Art

It is difficult to overstate the outsized recognition that the small city of Irondale adjacent to Birmingham and Miriam’s home/studio has in the city. Founded in 1887 and named after the Irondale Furnace (a Civil War-era furnace less than 2 miles from Miriam’s Birmingham home, Irondale is home to several state and nationally-recognized organizations. The

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"Downtown Birmingham, Alabama in 1960" by Miriam McClung. Ink on paper. 8" x 10".
Part 8: A Brief History of Birmingham, Alabama through Art – Architecture

When you think of American cities with great downtown architecture, Birmingham, Alabama probably doesn’t come to mind. What might surprise you is that there are over 45 different house styles in Birmingham and one of the best selections of industrial age turn of the 20th-century architecture. Miriam drew and painted frequently the architecture of the

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"Walking Around UAB" by Miriam McClung, 1990. Pastel on paper. 22" x 30".
Part 7: A Brief History of Birmingham, Alabama through Art – UAB

A partial history of Birmingham through Miriam’s art continued… Birmingham’s explosive growth until the mid-1950’s was fueled by the mining of iron and the production and export of steel. Along with the steel industry came powerful financiers, banking and lending institutions, and insurance companies, all of which Miriam’s grandfather and close family were a part

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"16th Street Baptist Church" by Miriam McClung. Pastel on paper. Private collector.
Part 6: A Brief History of Birmingham, Alabama through Art – Churches

A partial history of Birmingham through Miriam’s art series continued… Places of worship and their congregations have played a central role in Birmingham from its formation. As the city grew, so did the churches. Birmingham has over 10 churches that were established in the 1800s, and many of these places Miriam has painted over the

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"English Village Street Scene" by Miriam McClung, 2000. Pastel on paper. 19" x 25".
Part 5: A Brief History of Birmingham, Alabama through Art – Villages

A partial history of Birmingham, Alabama though Miriam’s art series continued… In the 1920s, some middle and upper-class families in Birmingham wanted to leave the polluted, crowded, and somewhat raucous city for a country life (or what would become known as “suburban”). Established Birmingham residents thought they were crazy, nevertheless, small villages like English Village,

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Painting of the site of the first Alabama Auburn game in Birmingham, Alabama.
Part 4: A Brief History of Birmingham, Alabama through Art – Sports

If you know anything about the history of Birmingham, you’ll understand the significance of this oil on linen painting of Miriam’s. Sports played a major role in the South after Reconstruction, and Birmingham in particular, establishing its cultural identity and sense of community after a civil war. Baseball was particularly influential with the forming of

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