The Art of Life

Explore the work of Alabama artist Miriam McClung — from scenes of Birmingham, the Southeast, and beyond. Over seventy years of art to be enjoyed and collected.

"The Fishermen on the Mountain Brook Parkway" by Miriam McClung, 1999. Oil on linen. 53.75" x 72.25". $9900. Click image for more details.


"Bridges at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens" by Miriam McClung, 1990. Oil on linen. 34" x 38". Ciick image for details.
"Mountaindale Road" by MiriamMcClung, 1997. Pastel on paper. 18" x 24". Ciick image for details.
"The Road to Wilsonville, Alabama" by Miriam McClung, 1995. Pastel on paper. 14.25" x 19.75". Ciick image for details.
"Bread Cart" by Miriam McClung, 2004. Oil on linen. 35" x 50". Ciick image for details.

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About Miriam

She studied under Mark Rothko one summer, but didn’t realize he was famous. And she once met Salvador Dali at a party in NYC.

Artist Vitae

Miriam’s art career spans over seven decades. Here is a biographical  résumé of her education, shows, and exhibits. 

The Studio

Miriam’s current studio location has served as a her primary creative space since the late 1970’s. It has a unique history.

Art Catalogue

We are working on a comprehensive, annotated, online listing of all Miriam McClung’s known art.
Pictured: "The Bird House, Arm and Gourd by the Creek" by Miriam McClung, 2002.

Inspiring & Affordable

Select museum quality Giclée reproductions of Miriam's art are now available on Etsy.


"Day Nurse for My Grandmother" by Miriam McClung, 1962. Oil on linen. 40" x 35". Available.
"Woman in the White Blouse" by Miriam McClung, 1963. Oil on linen. 24" x 20". Available.
"Burnsville Model: Man with a Cowboy Hat" by Miriam McClung, 1984. Watercolor on paper.

Miriam’s Art Collection Is Undergoing Evaluation

We are currently cataloging and evaluating Miriam’s entire collection. This is a process we need to do to evaluate and prepare her art for appraisal and estate planning purposes as well as scholarly research. As such Miriam’s work is temporarily not available for purchase. We don’t know how long the process will take, but we

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Art on Display at Synergy Medical Associates

In partnership with physicians Joanna Gibbs and Renee Boston, a selection of Miriam’s work will be on display at Synergy Medical Associates LLC in Crossville, TN and available for acquisition until July 31, 2024. Please stop by during office hours, check out the art and see their new space with Miriam’s art on display until

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Painting of the site of the first Alabama Auburn game in Birmingham, Alabama.

Part 4: A Brief History of Birmingham, Alabama through Miriam’s Art

If you know anything about the history of Birmingham, you’ll understand the significance of this oil on linen painting of Miriam’s. Sports played a major role in the South after Reconstruction, and Birmingham in particular, establishing its cultural identity and sense of community after a civil war. Baseball was particularly influential with the forming of

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Painting of a garden by the viaduct in Birmingham Alabama

Part 3: A Brief History of Birmingham, Alabama through Miriam’s Art

History of Birmingham through Miriam’s art series continued… Viaducts, or long bridges with a series of arches, are significant features in the Birmingham cityscape. Many times Viaducts are built to carry railroads. Birmingham’s viaducts cross over railroads that cut through the southern part of the city and carry iron and steel from the furnaces that

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