The Art of Life

Explore the work of Alabama artist Miriam McClung — from scenes of Birmingham, the Southeast, and beyond. Over seventy years of art to be enjoyed and collected.

"The Fishermen on the Mountain Brook Parkway" by Miriam McClung, 1999. Oil on linen. 53.75" x 72.25". $9900. Click image for more details.


"Bridges at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens" by Miriam McClung, 1990. Oil on linen. 34" x 38". Ciick image for details.
"Mountaindale Road" by MiriamMcClung, 1997. Pastel on paper. 18" x 24". Ciick image for details.
"The Road to Wilsonville, Alabama" by Miriam McClung, 1995. Pastel on paper. 14.25" x 19.75". Ciick image for details.
"Bread Cart" by Miriam McClung, 2004. Oil on linen. 35" x 50". Ciick image for details.

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About Miriam

She studied under Mark Rothko one summer, but didn’t realize he was famous. And she once met Salvador Dali at a party in NYC.

Artist Vitae

Miriam’s art career spans over seven decades. Here is a biographical  résumé of her education, shows, and exhibits. 

The Studio

Miriam’s current studio location has served as a her primary creative space since the late 1970’s. It has a unique history.

Art Catalogue

We are working on a comprehensive, annotated, online listing of all Miriam McClung’s known art.
Pictured: "The Bird House, Arm and Gourd by the Creek" by Miriam McClung, 2002.

Inspiring & Affordable

Select museum quality Giclée reproductions of Miriam's art are now available on Etsy.


"Day Nurse for My Grandmother" by Miriam McClung, 1962. Oil on linen. 40" x 35". Available.
"Woman in the White Blouse" by Miriam McClung, 1963. Oil on linen. 24" x 20". Available.
"Burnsville Model: Man with a Cowboy Hat" by Miriam McClung, 1984. Watercolor on paper.

Art on Display at Synergy Medical Associates

In partnership with physicians Joanna Gibbs and Renee Boston, a selection of Miriam’s work will be on display at Synergy Medical Associates LLC in Crossville, TN and available for acquisition until July 31, 2024. Please stop by during office hours,

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"Christ Is Condemned" by Miriam McClung, 1997. Pastel on board. 48" x 96". Collection of St. Simon Peter Episcopal Church, Pell City, Alabama.

Transitions 10: King to Criminal

Transitions: On Sunday you are hailed as a king, by Thursday you are condemned as a heretic and criminal. That’s quite a transition that Jesus experienced according to the gospel accounts. This work depicts Jesus condemned by Pilate and is

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"Christ at Gethsemane" by Miriam McClung, c. 2000. Pastel on paper. 19" x 25". In the collection of St Simon Peter Church in Pell City, AL.

Transitions 9: The Garden

Facing a transition moment so profoundly difficult that Luke’s gospel account says Jesus’ “sweat became, as it were, great drops of blood falling on the ground.” An angel appears to strengthen him as he asks for the cup to be

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Meet a major influence on Miriam’s art

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we thought we should introduce Miriam’s mother, Ellen Maddox Jackson, and her impact on Miriam’s art. Ellen (b. 1904) was one of five siblings and grew up in a small town and farming community (Easonville)

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The “Sportification” of Art

Why is art “sportified” with competitions, judges, and prizes awarded? Over the last few decades, this sportification of art has become the popular norm in the low to middle-market art world. Some of the reasons for this competitive art culture

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“Alabama Power and the Wasp Next” by Miriam McClung, 1980.

The Robots Are Coming

Writing is an art. And writing about art is an art of arts. Like art, it’s hard. It’s complicated. Helk, people make careers writing about art! On Miriam’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, we are in the midst of a series

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